Thursday, September 13 – 7 P.M. Make IT, Bake IT, Sew IT, Grow IT AUCTION

It’s time to put your fingers into action and create a “truly memorable” object that will bring joy and delight to the bidders in our audience. We’ve had these auctions before and it’s amazing to learn of the special talents so many of our neighbors have been hiding. Now’s the time to show us what you can do. It’s a Homeowners meeting, but everyone’s invited. Desserts will be served after the Auction.

Flare From The Chair

It is indeed a pleasure to serve as your chairman (or chairwoman, or chairperson. I don’t get too hung up with titles). It is exciting to see members of the community coming forward with suggestions and ideas. I would like to formalize this process further by appointing a committee to make plans for the future of Bayshore Gardens.

Check out our updated website. Anything Bayshore you need to know is displayed on our community website. Many of the forms are now available for download. Meeting notices and Agendas are displayed monthly. More updates to come as we work on a more user friendly website for our community.

BOT Minutes July 17, 2018

Notice -These minutes are being submitted in draft until approved at the next Board meeting.

Roll Call – The roll call was performed. Trustees present were Suzanna Young, Jim Couey, Dan Rawlinson, Sharon Denson, Steve Watkins, Don Gassie, and Joyce Fisher. A quorum was established.