Swimming Pool Hours

The approved swimming pool hours shall be:
Spring (May) 4:00-8:00 pm Monday thru Friday and Saturday and Sunday, Noon-7:00 pm.
Summer (June, July, August, September) Noon to 8:00 pm.
Fall (October to end of season) Noon -6:00 pm.

Lap swimmers and organized exercise may use the pool between 8:00 am and Noon. No life Guards
will be on duty. (14 and under must be accompanied by an adult)

“Flare” from the Chair

By Sharon Denson

When I attended Board of Trustee meetings and then decided to become a Trustee, I tried to look critically at the needs of Bayshore Gardens Park and Recreation District. It was also a priority of mine to handle your tax dollars wisely. One thing I think is missing from the District is a way for residents to give critical feedback to the Trustees concerning meeting the needs/desires of residents. I would like to see some long range planning for the District which would be formalized with a committee of residents formulating a one year, five year, and a ten year plan. This “Planning for the Future” committee would gather ideas from the community and formulate them into concrete plans to be presented to Trustees for consideration and action.


Bayshore Gardens sidewalks are finally here. After months of waiting for the sidewalks in Bayshore Gardens to be completed we can finally enjoy using them. It’s a joy to watch the youngsters ride their bikes, use their skate boards and their scooters on the sidewalks instead of the street. Parents no longer need to worry about their young ones being hit by a car that speeds through our community.

Board of Trustees Meeting June 2018

(A full copy of the minutes are extensive and available in the Office.)

Agenda Item 1. Roll Call, establish quorum.  The roll call was performed. A quorum was established. Trustees present were Suzanna Young, Jim Couey, Terry Zimmerly, Dan Rawlinson, Sharon Denson, and Steve Watkins. Barbara Susdorf joined later.

Agenda Item 2, Call to Order. The meeting was called to order by Sharon Denson at 7:00 PM.

Agenda Item 3. Pledge to flag

Agenda Item 4. Revisit dismissal of Joanne Manse. Sharon introduced David Montgomery, attorney of Joanne Manse, and Jim Dye, the attorney representing the District. Sharon Denson made a motion to fire Joanne Manse relating to the October 17, 2017 Meeting based violations of the standards of conduct. The motion was seconded by Steve Watkins. There was discussion and presentation by Mr. Montgomery and Mr. Davis. This meeting and motion is the cure for the October Meeting.

Homeowners Association June 2018

Date: June 14, 2018
Time: 7:00 pm
Place:  Recreation Center
Attendance: Dan Rawlinson, Joyce Fisher, Susan Donaldson, Don Gassie and Marie Young.
Call to Order: Dan Rawlinson

Minutes: notes and minutes for monthly meetings have been posted in the Banner each month after the meeting.  Motion for approve notes and minutes made by Joyce, second by Dan and approved by all.