Homeowners Association

Homeowners Association

Bayshore Gardens Homeowners Association November 2018 Date: 11/8/2018 Place: Bayshore Gardens Recreation Center Time: 7 pm Attendance: Dan Rawlings, Joyce Fisher, Susan Donaldson, Don Gassie. Meeting called to order at 7 pm

HOA’s Meet the Candidates Follow Up

What if you sponsored a debate and nobody came. Your HOA tried, we contacted the candidates for Manatee County Commission District #4 and at large. One candidate had a fundraiser that evening, one candidate never returned our call, and another…

HOA’s October Breakfast

Did you miss our HOA Breakfast October 13? We served eggs to order, sausage patties, southern grits, juice, and coffee, all with a smile to the 37 people. Breakfast was sponsored by Today’s Home Services, LLC. Shawn Dupont, Today’s Home’s…