Minute with the Manager

As we conclude the first month of the new year, slated projects are being completed with others in the process of planning. The Board meets for a monthly work session where the details and financials are discussed in depth. In addition, each of the committees meet on a monthly basis and give the Board input regarding a project. These projects are then addressed at the Board level with all the particulars in place, as well as final cost.

At the monthly Board meeting, an informed decision is voted upon based on the research, pricing and the budget. A motion is presented regarding the proposed project. The Board members will vote to accept or reject the project. In order for this to be accomplished, there must be a quorum. A “quorum” is a minimum number of Board members that must be present at any of its meetings to make the proceedings of the meeting valid. Our Board minimum is five members. Occasionally, questions are raised by Board members and the “project” will be tabled and sent back to the work session for further discussion.

The Board of Trustees has a fiduciary duty to act in the best interest of the District and its residents. Progress is being made to improve and update the District grounds and amenities. We have also invested in a new updated website for District business. Not only is the website visually appealing, it is user friendly and will contain all the contracts for the District. This is in the process as of this writing and should be up and running within a month. As always, suggestions are welcome in the office from our residents.

Feel free to stop in and tell us what activities you would like to see implemented. The Recreation Committee has been formed and is ready to start planning events. Enjoy your park and the amenities we are lucky to have as Bayshore residents.