Minute With The Manager

I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce our maintenance staff to the community for those who are not familiar with our staff. We are fortunate to have four dedicated and hard-working individuals who take pride in their work. Each play an important role in the tasks they perform.

Our grounds keeper, Phil, has been employed by the District for 14 years. He meticulously maintains the landscaping for the common areas. As you walk the grounds, you will note the additional touches he has added. From plants to annual flowers and an occasional lawn ornament here and there. These small additions make the grounds appealing and add color and dimension. Phil is part-time and manages to keep everything trimmed, manicured and looking beautiful in that time.

Randy, lead maintenance, is our other long-term employee with 10 years of service to the District. His talents in craftsmanship and mechanical abilities have saved the taxpayers of the District thousands of dollars. Randy is currently building new picnic tables for the south end of the ballfield. Thanks to his mechanical knowledge, we have avoided expensive engine repairs and the need to hire outside contractors at exuberant rates. Randy is our all- around guy who always seems to have a solution and can repair almost anything. We appreciate his abilities and his willingness to do whatever is necessary to keep things running.

Austin and Todd are the newest staff in our maintenance department. Austin has been employed for 3 years and is accommodating to whatever may arise. He primarily takes care of the recreation hall and cleans up the grounds. If something out of the ordinary happens, he is ready and willing to tackle the job.

Todd began with the District in 2017 as part-time and was moved to full-time to assist where needed. His job entails the odd and ends that need done on a daily basis to keep the facilities up and running. When large events occur on the weekends, Todd is always willing to amend his schedule to help when needed. Todd and Austin are responsible for set-up and tear down for our hall events along with making sure the floor, restrooms and kitchen are presentable and ready to go. Both are willing to go above and beyond their normal duties when needed and do so with a smile and great attitude.

We have a maintenance team that comes to work every day with a positive attitude and a willingness to do whatever needs done to keep things running smoothly. It is a pleasure to work with a group of individuals that are team players, have a great sense of humor and go out of their way to help a resident in need. Even though these gentlemen are compensated for showing up to work every day, each bring a unique quality that would be difficult to replace.