“Flare” From The Chair

Spring is here and things are moving forward in the District. Trustees and Staff have weathered the change to new leadership and are all working together to make Bayshore a great place to live. Jodie will be out of the office for a few days this month to attend the Special District Manager educational program sponsored by the Florida Association of Special Districts. When she finishes the program, she will be certified as a Special District Manager. We are fortunate to have this additional expertise added to her other talents.

The projects are being funded with money in reserves and/or money from the 2018-2019 budget. Soon we will be able to look toward the 2019-2020 budget to continue the projects.

We are spending your tax dollars on a marina boat ramp, finger pier replacement, center pier replacement, dredging. ADA lift for the pool, ADA compliant ramp for the recreation center, purchase of sheds to replace the rented porta potties, resurfacing of the breezeway at the rec center, repair of the fishing pier, a temporary pickle ball playing area,, repair the screen room, face lift for recreation hall, and air conditioner/heat maintenance in addition to our normal operating expenses., We even have some excess funds to dedicate to a future splash park if the community wants this additional feature for the kids. All of these projects cannot be done at once, but they have been prioritized by your Board of Trustees and are various stages of planning/completing. Come see your tax dollars at work.

We are advertising for lifeguards and pool attendants to maximize our pool hours this summer. If you are the parent of a teenager or college student, or if you have some hours to work, please consider a summer job at the pool. The District will pay for the certification and will have jobs available for the summer. Hours are flexible.
The recreation committee is planning to survey the community to see what things in the community are being used, and what new things the community would support. When you receive such a survey, please fill it out and return it so your voice will be heard and expenditures will be for those activities/facilities that will enhance the enjoyment of our residents.

Visit our new website www.bayshoregardens.org for more information. We are proud to have our website ADA and Florida law compliant.